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PoM Shield

PoM Shield +

PoM Shield +

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Color: Vogue Anthracite

How does it work?

A true, effective Faraday cage

A scientifically developed, proprietary design which has been extensively tested for shielding performance.

The PoM shield Plus construction is based on specially selected high-performance, durable silver-based fabric and blocks EMF in all mobile phone bands including low-band and mid-band 5G. It uses an external antenna with a long cable to redirect EMFs and still keep you connected with cellular networks and home Wi-Fi.

Your phone can be charged while inside the PoM or you can plug in the PoM case a wired headset to accept or make voice calls and listen to music or videos.

Installation is a breeze

Just place the PoM shield where required and position the antenna up to 5m away, where there is good cellular reception. If you also need a Wifi connection place the antenna within 5m of your Wifi router. For bedrooms, a single antenna can be connected to 2 PoM shields.

Versatile Antenna kit

The kit enables easy antenna placement on flat surface or windows (with supplied Velcro pads).

Move the EMF up to 7m away from your phone with the supplied antenna or use a longer cable and/or higher performance antenna for up to 20m distance or in areas with poor reception.


6.7" x 4.3"

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