• The PoM shield fabric Faraday cage, produced using special silver-based fabric, and which also incorporates an internal antenna and filtered passthrough connectivity to chargers and headsets. The PoM blocks very effectively the EMF radiation of a smartphone placed inside it. It reduces it by approx. 35b or 3,000+ times. Note: Your PoM shield will become softer after an initial period of use.
  • The external satellite antenna kit, which enables the normal operation of a smartphone placed inside the PoM. The phone's EMF radiation will be transmitted from this antenna. This antenna should be placed at a spot so as to ensure good signal reception by the smartphone.

When placed optimally the smartphone will operate normally in the cellular and data network. If Wi-Fi reception is required, the antenna has to be placed close (5m or less) to the home Wi-Fi router.

  • An installed PoM will enable you to be calm and safe while staying connected, and charge or place voice calls using a wired headset.

    It can be installed anywhere where the EMF from a smartphone is judged to be undesirable, and especially when this exposure is expected to be prolonged.

    The electromagnetic field intensity from any source reduces with increasing distance following the inverse square law, i.e. when distance from the source is increased 10 times EMFs decrease 100 times. A PoM installation can increase the distance from your mobile phone EMFs up to 20+meters (7 meters with the standard antenna).

    To calculate the reduction of EMF intensity with a PoM installation, divide the distance between your phone and yourself by the distance between the installed PoM antenna and yourself. The EMF reduction factor is the square of this ratio.

    For example, if you normally place your phone 0.6m (2 feet) from your head and the installed antenna is 6m meters away the EMF

    reduction factor is 0.6/6 squared = 1/10 squared = 1/ 100.


Unpack the PoM shield and remove all packaging material. Open the antenna box and unpack the antenna, antenna base and the supplied Velcro-type material stickers.

The top side of the PoM is the more heavy and flexible side. With its weight it effectively shields the EMF produced by the phone.
On the bottom side there is a 'This side down' sticker.

Unpack the antenna kit (antenna, antenna base, Velcro stickers).

Important: When unpacking the antenna please take care not to introduce kinks in the thin antenna cable. They can cause a reduction of the signal reaching your phone.

In case of a kink forming, please remove it and straighten the cable


Install the PoM shield at the intended place, a bedside table, office etc. The PoM works as designed on flat surfaces, like bedside furniture, desks, tables etc. It can also be used on flat beds, but please note that a curved surface may reduce the shielding factor.
Selecting a suitable position for the antenna
Anticipate placing the antenna as far from the PoM and your intended resting position as possible. The supplied antenna cable has a length of 7m.
For reliable operation the PoM antenna must be placed where the cellular network signal strength is good, 3-4 lines out of 5. In case reception is weaker please contact us about a higher performance antenna solution..

Important: Do not place the antenna in close proximity (less than 15cm) to metallic objects e.g. metal window frames or appliances.
For antenna installation on a windowsill or other flat surface:
Install the antenna in the antenna base.

Place the antenna for optimum signal reception.

For antenna installation on a window or other vertical smooth surface:

Use the supplied Velcro-type material stickers to secure the antenna where required on the window glass.

If Wi-Fi reception is required, the antenna has to be placed close (less than 5m distance) to the home Wi-Fi router.

Position the antenna cable so as to reach the PoM shield using a safe and discreet route.

Take care not to introduce kinks and knots to the antenna cable.
They can affect the correct operation of the PoM shield.

Screw the antenna connector in the female connector on the PoM.

  • The PoM uses a proprietary design to provide effective EMF shielding using only gravity as the closing force.

    To ensure that your PoM is working as intended the smartphone must be placed on the central pad and the PoM cover must be fully covering the lower part


Testing your PoM installation

Make sure that your smartphone can reliably receive cellular and data calls as required.

In case you require Wi-Fi signal operation the antenna will have to be placed close to the Wi-Fi router (max. 5m distance) and should operate normally for wifi calls.

For reliable operation the PoM antenna must be placed where the cellular network signal strength is a good, 3-4 lines out of 5.

In case the phone does not operate reliably in the PoM shield change the antenna postition or consider a higher performance antenna solution (contact us for more information).

For a more remote antenna installation please purchase one of the longer cable PoM antennas which provide more placement flexibility. For installation of the PoM using an in-wall antenna cable installation please contact us.

Testing the PoM shield
In case you want to test the shielding effectiveness of the PoM shield place your phone inside the shield and unscrew the external antenna connector. The phone will disconnect from the mobile network and Wifi. Only in rare cases, where the mobile network station is very close to the PoM, the phone might show signs of remaining connected, as the signal will be 30+ db stronger than required for the phone to operate (and in effect the exposed antenna connector itself works like a tiny antenna)

  • Charging your smartphone inside the PoM

    To use PoM with a charger first plug the charger cable on the PoM.

    You can then use the inside cable and connector to charge your smartphone. Plugging your phone inside the PoM first sometimes may not initiate

  • Using headsets

    Headsets can be directly plugged in the PoM external connector. On some phones it is required to first plug the headphones' connector on the PoM shield and then plug the internal PoM connector on your phone.

    Using a splitter to charge and make voice calls at the same time.

    Use the splitter normally making sure you first plug the splitter cable on the PoM. Then you can use the internal connector on your smartphone.

  • Care of your PoM

    Your PoM will not be harmed from contact with liquids, but it is not a washable item. To clean it please use dry cleaning liquids or powders.

  • EMF not shielded effectively

    • Make sure you PoM is in good condition and that the top cover lays flat over the phone without wrinkles.
    • Please note that the maximum phone dimensions (total with cover) are:
    • Max. height 165mm max. thickness 12mm
  • Phone not connecting with mobile networks or Wi-Fi

    • Position the satellite antenna at a place where cellular reception is good (3-4 lines out of 5).
    • In case you wish your phone to connect to Wi-Fi while in the PoM position the satellite antenna close to your Wi-Fi router (5m or less distance).
  • Phone not charging

    • Make sure your charger is working normally.
    • First plug your charger on the PoM and then plug the internal PoM cable to your phone.
  • Headphone not working

    • Make sure that the headphones are of the correct type for your phone.
    • Try first connecting the headphones on the PoM and then connecting the internal PoM connector to the phone.
    • The USB-C PoM model should operate normally with smartphones using micro-USB connectors with a USB-C to micro-USB
  • Safety Information

    • Do not leave the PoM shield close to heat sources or under direct sunlight.
    • Its safe temperature range is 0 - 45 degrees Celsius.
    • Do not place heavy items on top of the PoM shield or the antenna cable.
    • The PoM shield must not be exposed to liquids or operate in areas of very high humidity, like bathrooms etc.
    • The PoM shield and its accessories are not intended to be used by children aged less than 3 years old and must not be considered as toys.
    • Keep the PoM shield clean and away from sources of dirt and contaminants. Its correct operation can be affected by the presence of foreign materials on its surfaces.
    • Do not connect the PoM shield using worn charger and headphone cables.
    • The manufacturers of the PoM shield cannot accept responsibility for its usage in any other way beyond its intended operation.
  • Disposal / Recycling Information

    This product must not be disposed together with household waste. If you decide to dispose , t please forward it to an electronic appliances collection point as specified by your local authorities. The recycling of this product at its end of life helps in the sustainability of natural resources and protects human health and the environment.

  • Declaration of Compliance

    Zogeria Ltd. herewith declares that the PoM shield fully complies with directive 2011/65/CU of the European Union related to Electronic Appliances and the Provisions of the EU which govern the safety of products produced and sold within and outside of its borders.
    A copy of the Declaration of Compliance can be found in the manufacturer's website at