Constructed to be strong and reliable.

An idea is only the starting point. The next steps are at least as important. The PoM concept required a fresh look from all aspects of the design. The main priority was simplicity and ease of use. In parallel, the performance of the shield had to be unquestionable, and established using the best materials for the job, and the electronics configuration had to enable the reliable operation of the mobile phone inside.

Its functionality, shape and construction were conceived and optimised during a development and testing period of more than 3 years. It is produced with care and individual craftsmanship to operate flawlessly and look impeccable.

The PoM shield is a lifestyle accessory and was designed to look and feel natural in any environment. It comes in different styles and colours, to suit your tastes and your environment, with many more coming up.

The PoM shield can also be custom produced with your choice of soft fabrics. Please contact us for details.