The PoM shield is a soft enclosure which virtually eliminates the EMFs emitted by mobile phones while diverting them to a remote antenna, far from the phone and far from you.

With the PoM shield you can leave your phone next to you, and even use it for voice calls, and at the same time be away from potentially stressing electromagnetic radiation.

While studies about mobile phone EMFs remain inconclusive, you can now address a common concern for you and your loved ones by reducing your exposure, a precautionary measure suggested by virtually all related international organisations.

The PoM shield has been scientifically developed based on the fundamental laws of electromagnetism and operates as a true Faraday cage. It can be used on any bedside furniture, in the office or living room, or wherever there is a need for a period of rest away from the influence of the mobile phone and eliminate 99% or more of your EMF exposure.

At the same time it is a stylish accessory made of high quality fabrics, a wonderful addition to any home or working environment. It is extremely easy to install and use in a few minutes. To shield your phone just place it in the PoM and move the soft cover on top of it.


Peace of Mind by your side.

How does it work?

The PoM shield has been developed using sound scientific principles and measurements.
Using special shielding materials, it blocks virtually all electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone and uses an external antenna with a long cable to redirect EMFs and still be connected with cellular networks and home Wi-Fi. Your phone can be charged while inside the PoM and you can also plug in a wired headset to make voice calls and listen to music or videos.


The electromagnetic field intensity from any source reduces with increasing distance following the inverse square law, i.e. when distance from the source is increased 10 times EMFs decrease 100 times. A PoM installation can increase the distance from your mobile phone EMFs up to 20+meters (7 meters with the standard antenna) and eliminate 99% or more of your exposure.

Typical Installations 


A true, effective Faraday cage

A scientifically developed, proprietary design which has been extensively tested for shielding performance. The PoM shield construction is based on specially selected high-performance, durable silver-based fabric and blocks EMF in all mobile phone bands including low-band and mid-band 5G. Visit our testing page

Very easy and practical usage.

Install the PoM shield and just place your phone inside. Simply move the cover to isolate your phone and still remain in contact and connected. Charge your phone and place voice calls (cellular, data or wifi) using wired headsets or external Bluetooth® adapters, or listen to online music and videos without being exposed to the usual level of EMFs. Don't lose calls and messages and still have peace of mind. Just relax.
Available for iPhones (Lightning connector) or mobile phones with USB-C connector.

Installation is a breeze

Just place the PoM shield where required and position the antenna up to 7m away, where there is good cellular reception. If you also need a Wifi connection place the antenna within 5m of your Wifi router. For bedrooms, a single antenna can be connected to 2 PoM shields.

Versatile Antenna kit

The kit enables easy antenna placement on flat surface or windows (with supplied Velcro pads).
Move the EMF up to 7m away from your phone with the supplied antenna or use a longer cable and/or higher performance antenna for up to 20m distance or in areas with poor reception.


Install a PoM shield and enjoy a truly peaceful night's sleep in every respect, away from potentially stressful EMFs from your phone. At night we all need the most complete rest.


Busy schedule? Long calls? Limit your exposure without compromising your communications.


PoM is very portable and so easy to install that it can be your companion wherever you travel.


Whether in babies' and children's rooms or at the service of sensitive people and special environments, the PoM shield offers you calmness and peace of mind.

Designed for style and practicality.

Constructed to be strong and reliable.

An idea is only the starting point. The next steps are at least as important. The PoM concept required a fresh look from all aspects of the design. The main priority was simplicity and ease of use. In parallel, the performance of the shield had to be unquestionable, and established using the best materials for the job, and the electronics configuration had to enable the reliable operation of the mobile phone inside.

Its functionality, shape and construction were conceived and optimised during a development and testing period of more than 3 years. It is produced with care and individual craftsmanship to operate flawlessly and look impeccable.

The PoM shield is a lifestyle accessory and was designed to look and feel natural in any environment. It comes in different styles and colours, to suit your tastes and your environment, with many more coming up.

The PoM shield can also be custom produced with your choice of soft fabrics. Please contact us for details..